My Single Girl Swag!!!!

101_0095One of the hopes for this blog is to document my experience as a single girl who moved from NY to Hawaii. Yes I will admit it and not be ashamed to say it I am 27 years old and single!!! Nope, no boyfriend, no husband, no one close to being my next amazing sweep me off my feet, world stopping relationship (note: notice changes in this blog if  I do find such relationship).  Its just me! 3 years away from the devastating age of  30, and according to society standards being left out for the firing squad, or labeled as dead meat if I just happen to be 30 and single. But here is the real shocker: I am finally feeling just fine about being 27 and single!!! I am OK with just hanging out either alone or with friends, and having the free choice to eventually meet the man who will fit my style.  I am not on a daily hunt to find a man, or feel like I have to date 100 guys in 100 days because I am running out of time to find Mr. Right, or the famous Mr. Right now. I have finally come to a place in life where I can truly do me and enjoy my amazing single girl swag!!!

Now what is the single girl swag you may ask. Well I can just speak for me, so let me explain to you the definition of my single girl swag. It is an overwhelming sense of confidence that says, hey I am HOT!, I got my stuff together, I am independent, I can enjoy life, have free range over my decisions, and a man will not define my style, but the right man will only compliment my style. Basically in my head I am THAT CHICK!!! I know that I am a true catch for any man, but only the right man will be able to hold me down, and walk with me on my journey of life. So you may ask, hey if your such a catch then why are you single? Well I will say with all honesty, and in true style, I am single by choice. Now usually men are the only ones who are ever allowed to say “I choose to be single” and we accept it as being ok.  But I will say it, I choose to be single. OK so we have become trained by poor reality TV, and by the media that girls do not want to be single. We need a man to take care of us, and we all want that dream wedding, no matter how bad the man is that we are getting married to. NOPE, not me! I can take care of myself (and no man has ever offered anyway), and I have learned that I am a pretty kick ass chick. Because of this,  I have crossed Bad Marriage off my life plan list. During my time of self reflection I have realized that I can still have fun, and live life even without being in a relationship. Not to mention I can surley live without drama, lies, and everything else that makes a relationship bad.  I am a free spirit!!! Now is the time for me to live out my life for me. And when I do find that relationship that is show stopping, and the right man who I feel I want to share my world with, I know I will be better because of my definitive understanding of who I am. I just hope he is ready for what I have to offer him, and can appreciate a girl with an amazing swag!!!

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