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Welcome, Thanks for stopping by to read stuff that I actually wrote!

I started blogging  because of my crazy life changes, impulsive actions, and new experiences. Now i just figured I can write about the many thoughts that are constantly flooding my mind. If you want to know more about Hawaii or even NYC, please let me know and I will write about it. If not, please don’t mind my in between random posts based on the craziness of my every day life.

I am the girl who says the things that everyone is thinking but, hesitate to say out loud because it may not be socially appropriate. You were thinking it first, I just said it out loud! I will try to be funny (but I’m not a comedian), I will try to be serious (but at times I do lack focus), I will always be honest (I really do mean that!). I will stay true to the form of Jenni C., so expect wit, sarcasm, and a whole lot of awesomeness, really I am awesome 🙂

Just to let you know, everything I write is based on my own  life experience, “To write well, write what you know”. So welcome to all I know! If you like it please let me know, if you hate it, I would love to know that too. I take all mail, love letters, hate letters, I just think its great to get a response.

Reach me at:

Much Mahalo!!!! (I live in Hawaii now remember??) Registered & Protected

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