Another Monday…

Today was my second full week back to work, and yeah it is getting busy. I am missing my days of maternity leave right now. Even though I really don’t remember what happened, it seemed so long ago.

Life still happens quick. And as I get older time goes by so much faster.

You ever wish you just had the power to slow down time?

Since I can’t really manipulate time, I am working to enjoy each day and those precious family moments. Life changes, breathe and enjoy the moments.

Today was also my first full day of the nutrition challenge. I will write about some of the positives and negatives of this process over the next month to keep you updated. Today was a pretty good day, I didn’t get hungry.

Since we are working with a registered dietitian, she calculated my calorie intake and gave me the go ahead to eat 2200 calories per day. I thought sweet! That’s a lot of food. Awesome, I don’t have to be hungry. That’s also a lot of food, so I have no idea if I will eat that many calories per day. Today I ate close to 1800 calories. My win for today…I logged my food in My Fitness Pal! I hope logging food gets easier the more I do it. I will really try to do it early so I can get it out the way.

The RD also said that I should be drinking 100 ounces of water since I am breast feeding and want to keep my supply up. The first thing I thought about was the frequent trips to the bathroom. That is a whole lot of water. Today I managed a little more than 64 ounces, and yes I am actually still thirsty.

I felt bummed that I didn’t get to the gym today, today was a hectic day. But in 2020 I am not beating myself up when I miss a gym day. I am letting it go, and looking forward to tomorrow. That is another win!

I am actually looking forward to tomorrow, meals are prepped, and I should have extra time for the gym and writing.

I am so glad that this Monday is over. Now time to see what is in store for tomorrow! Hopefully I will be well rested.

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