New Year, New Challenges, New Goals: A whole new set of crap please

New Year, New Challenges, New Goals!! Hopefully it’s not the same crap as last year, but I will take a new set a crap. The more advanced crap to go with my new advancements in life.

So it’s A little over a week into the new year. The positive: I continue to feel motivated, inspired, ready to make my dreams come true. I feel like I am up for any challenge, ready to put my plans into action. The negative: I have no idea how long this feeling is going to last, and how long I can keep going full steam ahead.

I feel I am destined for greatness, and not just because my mother keeps telling me that. Of course she has to, she is my mother, in her eyes I will always be great.  But in actuality I feel like I am as supposed to be great. I have the feeling that I can make a difference in this world. Not a little difference, a big difference! The feeling of people are supposed to know my name,  suddenly I have realized that I have purpose!  Does everyone feel like this or is it just me? Maybe these are my manic thoughts running rampant in my mind,  or the delusions of grandeur acting out again. No I am not bipolar (at least I don’t think so or I have not been clinically diagnosed). Hey call it what you want, but since I have this feeling why not run with it right? There is nothing wrong with believing in my own potential and seeing what I can make of it.

So to 2011, this is going to be my year! Ok, everyone says that, I know. But the difference: I really mean it. I have planned, calculated the risk, and now I am ready. Ready to make moves, take these projects that are just thoughts in my head, and turn them into a reality. What am I talking about you may ask? Well that is to come later. But trust me it is a New Year. With that comes New Challenges, New Goals, and hopefully not the same old crap as last year!

To 2011 I say welcome, I am opening the box to let go, to live to my potential, to do better constantly, to strive to be the best. To not only help myself but help others while I am it. To pay it forward. To live with integrity! Keep reading future blogs to see how this turns out. Until then lets just believe that we are all destined for greatness!

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