29 and counting…My moment of clarity

Today is March 4th. Happy March! 15 more days until I turn 30.

The calm before the storm….

Actually I have reached my moment of clarity. Turning 30 is starting to look more like the that life moment I have been waiting and mentally preparing for all my life.  With a sudden change of thought the feeling has turned from dread to a sense excitement that is left to be unexplained.  With a clear head, peace of mind, and a positive outlook for the future, 30 seems like it will be my most important life changing moment.

Let me explain:

A few weeks ago I was watching Chelsea Lately, and Kelly Rowland was on as her guest. Well Kelly has recently turned 30 and Chelsea  is already in her mid thirties. Chelsea asked Kelly how she would describe being 30, and Kelly’s response was Empowered. Kelly looked happier than ever, she had an amazing glow, she had a look of peace with just being herself, she was empowered! I immediately fell in love with being empowered at 30! Chelsea then responded by mentioning that her thirties have been the best years of her life. If we take a look at Chelsea’s success, she was absolutely right. Kelly and Chelsea have had life changing moments while in their thirties, and it keeps getting better. Forget fear and devastation, I am going into 30 as an empowered woman.

Recently, I have been feeling a continuous positive energy as I get closer to 30. I am like a kid on Christmas Eve because I can’t wait to see what this infamous 30 has in store for me.  My challenge is to decide how I can use what I know, to make a difference not only in my own life, but in the life of others. 30 is comes with much more responsibility than 20, more is expected, but I can handle it. When I look in the mirror I see my own glow, it is a youthful glow, one with a positive vibe, a glow of empowerment. I am in full control of my life, I own my decisions, my choices, and most importantly I own my destiny.

My moment of clarity is a moment that has been years in the making (a whole lot of years in the making). A moment that has not been easy to find by any measure. A moment that can be destroyed by confusion and overwhelm, a moment that I want to last forever. I am ready now (I have no choice) . I am comfortable with leaving my 20’s in the past, and embracing my future self. I am better for what I have learned and an amazing individual for what I will continue to learn.  As Oprah says, “your best days are yet to come” and trust me I am so ready for what is yet to come.

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