29 and counting…My moment of clarity

Today is March 4th. Happy March! 15 more days until I turn 30.

The calm before the storm….

Actually I have reached my moment of clarity. Turning 30 is starting to look more like the that life moment I have been waiting and mentally preparing for all my life.  With a sudden change of thought the feeling has turned from dread to a sense excitement that is left to be unexplained.  With a clear head, peace of mind, and a positive outlook for the future, 30 seems like it will be my most important life changing moment.

Let me explain:

A few weeks ago I was watching Chelsea Lately, and Kelly Rowland was on as her guest. Well Kelly has recently turned 30 and Chelsea  is already in her mid thirties. Chelsea asked Kelly how she would describe being 30, and Kelly’s response was Empowered. Kelly looked happier than ever, she had an amazing glow, she had a look of peace with just being herself, she was empowered! I immediately fell in love with being empowered at 30! Chelsea then responded by mentioning that her thirties have been the best years of her life. If we take a look at Chelsea’s success, she was absolutely right. Kelly and Chelsea have had life changing moments while in their thirties, and it keeps getting better. Forget fear and devastation, I am going into 30 as an empowered woman.

Recently, I have been feeling a continuous positive energy as I get closer to 30. I am like a kid on Christmas Eve because I can’t wait to see what this infamous 30 has in store for me.  My challenge is to decide how I can use what I know, to make a difference not only in my own life, but in the life of others. 30 is comes with much more responsibility than 20, more is expected, but I can handle it. When I look in the mirror I see my own glow, it is a youthful glow, one with a positive vibe, a glow of empowerment. I am in full control of my life, I own my decisions, my choices, and most importantly I own my destiny.

My moment of clarity is a moment that has been years in the making (a whole lot of years in the making). A moment that has not been easy to find by any measure. A moment that can be destroyed by confusion and overwhelm, a moment that I want to last forever. I am ready now (I have no choice) . I am comfortable with leaving my 20’s in the past, and embracing my future self. I am better for what I have learned and an amazing individual for what I will continue to learn.  As Oprah says, “your best days are yet to come” and trust me I am so ready for what is yet to come.

29 and counting….wow 30 is almost here

Less than two months away from turning 30! We are down to the final stretch, and enter panic mode. Well I guess that is what is supposed to happen. I have been contemplating what I should actually do for my 30th birthday. How do you celebrate the Big 3-0, what should I do to kick off this new decade of life? I want the next 10 years of life to be my best 10 years of  life, how can I make that happen? Sure, I am possibly over thinking this turning 30 thing a little bit too much. There is nothing I can do to stop it from happening, it will happen no matter how much I kick, scream, and cry. Its life. You get older, live with it, the end.

I recently thought that I would like to have a blow out party, that would deter me from having my very own pity party. If I have a semi real party, with actual people, maybe that will ease the torment of thinking about what life is actually like at 30. I want to still have fun at 30. I actually want to have more fun than ever before. So in my mind an awesome 30th birthday would be something that includes throwing a major party at Tao in Las Vegas, with streamers, a huge cake, and a well known DJ. It would be something like umm, Kim Kardashian’s 30th birthday. Ok, I know I am not Kim Kardashian, and I do not have anywhere near Kardashian money so a club party in Vegas will not be an option. Well at least not for this year, maybe next year we can shoot for that option.

So what is a good way to bring in your 30th birthday! I want to do something that matches my personality. I am 30 and the world is my playground. I live in the boundaries of very few limitations. I see myself on a path to extraordinary. What type of event expresses that notion? Do I go for a grown and sexy vibe, or do I go for a young and free vibe? Honestly, I really wish I had someone to plan a party and I just show up. I am not a party planner. I have a new idea for my life everyday, so obviously I will have a new idea everyday on ways to celebrate this overdramatized  milestone of my 30th birthday. I am not the first person in the world to turn 30 but, it is the first and only time turning 30 will happen to me. I owe it to myself to make it a memorable experience, who knows when the next memorable experience will happen to me.

I have less than two months to enjoy my last days in my twenties. Some people want to be married by the time they are 30. If I was one of those people then I would have to hurry up and find a husband real quick. But I am not. I never really thought of what it was going to be like when I turned 30, well not until I turned 29. Then 30 was hitting me in the head hard, I was forced to create an image of what life is like at 30. Soon enough I will find out for real. So what should I do to celebrate my 30th birthday? Should I go over the way of full on party, or low key and relaxed? Whatever I do, I sure hope it is fun.

Any ideas on how to celebrate the big 3-0?



Positive thoughts, positive ideas, positive experiences