The start of ME!!!!

OK so what in the world is this blog about and why should you waste your time reading it? Hey those are questions that I would ask myself about reading someone else’s blog, first is it interesting, and what in the world is so interesting about you that it should really be read. Not that I have a long boring drawn out story, I just feel like writing down the thoughts that are in my head, and sometimes they make me laugh, so I am here to add a little laughter, hope, and maybe even some wisdom to the life of others.

So who am I, I am a girl from the big city of NY who one day decided a change in life was needed. Not just any change, but a big change. A change that would redefine my life and everything in it. So what did I decide to do? I just packed up my clothes into 4 suitcases and got on a plane to where else, Hawaii!! OK I put a little more thought and planning into it than just taking a cab to the airport and kissing my lovely NY smog goodbye, but hey the end result was the same! I ended up on the island of Oahu as a single girl from NY, being over 6,000 miles away from anyone I know, and everything that was familiar to me. No friends, No family, kinda sorta had an apartment, but at least I had a job! That was always important, I wasn’t born rich! and even though my last name is Walton, be lieve me I have no relation to Sam and the Wal-Mart empire. So what does a single girl from NY do in what everyone calls paradise, where the sun is always shining, and the weather is a perfect 10 everyday? What else, Have Fun!! and along the way rediscover what is important in life! So nearly 6 months I have finally settled down and started to blog about this experience, my own personal growth, and other random nonsense that comes to my mind!!!!
Before I continue, I just want to say that a lot of people thought I was crazy (close friends, and family included) for deciding to move off the mainland to an island that is basically planted in the middle of the ocean. For the record I am not crazy, not running from life, and have not completely lost my mind. Now some people thought this is a great idea (boy do I like those people), because it is not easy to just leave everything that I know as life and change, but never once did I doubt that I would be just fine, and that I would not be afraid. Out of all my own fears in life I was never afraid of moving, I knew it would make me stronger, and prove to myself that I can survive, I am a surviver, and I needed to know that I could stand on my own and make. I am making it, although I am not yet where I want to be in life, I am on my way, I feel great, and I know the possibilites of what I can do are endless!!!
So stay with me on my journey, i will try to write often, I would promise daily but don’t want to be a liar, but 6 months into my new home, I am doing just fine! I owe all the thanks to God. God has been with me on this journey since before it has ever started, and will never leave, so I am confident in knowing that I will succeed. So no I didn’t come to Hawaii alone, Me and God are having an awesome time and riding out!!!!!

2 thoughts on “The start of ME!!!!

  1. Hi!

    You got a cool blog 🙂 I am happy to know you are doing things for your self that makes you happy. Its a brave move you done… Its gives me the hope that things are possible if you put heart in to it 🙂 I am wana be a beach bum too… lol

    Have a great day!

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