From Start to…

So I have been living in Hawaii now for about 6 months, everyone asks if I have island fever yet. Nope no island fever over here, yet I can see why some people may have island fever, you can only drive so far, and see so much before you run out of land. Am I ready to return to NY? Nope not yet! Hawaii is so different from the mainland, it feels like an existence that you only dream about in movies, and one that you would never think of actually living in real life. I am a outdoors person, and hate the NY winters, so for me, right now in my life, Hawaii is perfect!!! Yesterday I had this overwhelming sense of feeling happy, I have no idea why I was feeling so happy, what was making my insides so excited, I was just happy. It felt unfair to be that happy, like so much is going on in the world, people are miserable and depressed, and here I am being happy. What gives me the right? and what was I so happy about? To be honest I have no idea, and remember I was telling you God was right by my side, well I feel God just gave me a big hug, and said hey kiddo I got you! God says don’t worry, I got this!

What does a single girl do here on this island? Well the usual works well, bars, clubs, parties, the beach has been my prime time meeting spot. People have been so nice here, always a friendly smile, ready to make conversation, and ready to meet someone new. OK don’t get me wrong, everyone is not like that, but I would say I have had a good experience, and feel like if I stay positive, then the negativity will not get to me.
I have to let you know over the past 6 months I haven’t done too much different than I would if I was still in NY. I would like to say that I have done a good job feeling out the place, knowing my way around, and most importantly getting reacquainted with Jennifer, hey that takes a lot of time. Living in a world of chaos, eternal stress, and worry, when do you really have time to get to know your own true self. Just try sitting in silence, and finding out what makes you, you. What defines you. Its a great experience and believe it or not the answer may change on a daily basis. I will take you through my first 6 months, my next 6 months, and hey the 6 months after that. I am on a never ending journey toexperience life, let it be good, bad, or just confusing, I am taking it all in, and in turn I am will become amazing!

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