It’s Goal Time: Life happens when you make it happen

2019 is my year of accomplishing goals. I always feel that I have a lot of goals, but I never really accomplish any of them. That feeling is beginning to suck. Everyday I want to come to this blog and write, but I don’t. Every year I tell myself this will be my year to complete my book. My book is still not finished. I need to finish something. I have a bad habit of struggling to get started because I am afraid of how good the end product will be. Sound strange? Yeah it is.

I am afraid of success. Who is afraid of success. Well ladies and gentlemen that would be me! But this year I want to succeed. I want to win. SO I have decided to tell you about my goals for 2019, and hopefully someone reading this will hold me accountable.

You know what’s strange is that I really do have a lot people to hold me accountable. My husband pushes me to podcast, really, he bought me all the equipment, gave me all the tools, and believes in the product that I can create. My friends support me and can’t wait to hear the show. They believe I can create a good product. And I can! I just freeze when it is time to start. I feel like that one time I jumped off a cliff and into the ocean. I know I can swim, there were a bunch of people before me who did it, it wasn’t impossible, I just need to jump. But I fear to just jump. Well I jumped, and I lived, and it was over, no problem.

I have said this before, I am my own worst enemy. I need to get out of my head. Just live, life happens and it is amazing.

After the hubby and I got married, the next day we left to go on our honeymoon to Spain. Ummmm, can I say AMAZING!!!! It was probably the best week of my like, like ever. We went to Mallorca, it was EVERYTHING and so much more. But everyday I was there, life was great. I said to myself I need to live everyday like it is amazing. No regrets just live. Then we came back, and I got lost back into life. The everyday mundane of life. Work, gym, home. It was like I forgot how it felt to be AMAZING. It felt like it was not possible to live everyday like it was amazing. I want to defy the odds, well its what I have been doing since I started this blog right? No one picks up their life and just moves to Hawaii because, hell what else did life have to offer. My next task, make everyday amazing, and it will be.

So what’s on deck for this year?

Well to launch this podcast, and hopefully I can post it to this blog.

Complete my first novel, finally.

Enjoy my first year of married life.( that’s easy, I think )

I am starting a nutrition challenge on Monday, so healthy eating is back on deck!

And Just WRITE!!! I owe you guys a major update on my life, so I really need to focus on writing and just being present.

So 2019, Here goes nothing.

2019-10 years later

It’s really funny that today is January 1, 2019. It seems that I may have forgot about this blog. Yeah, someone would probably be on the right track to think that. I mean I did not write one single post in 2018, and 2018 was kind of a big deal to me! I mean a really BIG DEAL!!! I mean like so big of a deal that every other year doesn’t seem like it counts because 2018 was the ultimate winner year of all years!  I should have wrote to fill you in. I owe you that much since you have been with me since day one. For that I apologize.

Oh what happened in 2018! Well I got married! Yes for real I got married! Who knew that would happen, well I knew, and it did happen, so yes life changes quick, so always be ready for the changes. Stephen asked me to marry him on a Christmas day of 2017, and in August of 2018 we were married. I am not a girl who plans weddings, but my wedding was actually fabulous! It was truly a great day.

Its actually a very purposeful move that I am writing today. 2019 makes 10 years since I moved to rock in the middle of pacific. Over the last 10 years I have lived on a rock, moved to Virginia, and now live in Maryland. And I picked up a husband along the way. Again life changes quick.  When I started this blog in 2009 I was lost as ever, sad, broken, and just ready to do something new. 10 years later I am a place that I would have never imagined, living in a state that I never thought I would live. I am a New York City girl living in the DMV,  and trust me the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia for those of you who have never heard it referred to as that) is nothing like NYC.  So 2009 was kinda like my reset year, 2019 is going to be the break out year. I am claiming it today, on the first day of the year, the year of pure shine is 2019. The best part, I don’t have to do it alone anymore. My husband is my ultimate partner, my teammate, the one man who is truly the perfect compliment to my style. The independent girl from 2009, has realized that life is truly meant to be lived with the right person in it.

I feel good. So what are my plans for 2019, well that’s easy. The hubby and I are working on a podcast, and I hope that this is the year of publishing my fist book. See I wrote it down, now I have to make it happen. I have had 10 years to bullshit, now it is time to get to work. Sorry that is my own little pep talk. I need it. But I’m ready. I will also write more. I will also write more. I forgot how much I missed blogging.

So since this is the 10th anniversary of Straight from NY to Paradise in a Day!! I will write like it is 2009, and take you on my journey of married life, podcasting, book writing, and living in the DMV. So please stick with me!

Happy New Year!