Healthy eating/Healthy living: Day 1

Lately, I have been feeling extremely tired. Well not lately as in recently, but lately as in all my life. As long as I can remember I have always had a consistent feeling of fatigue that never really seems to go away. It is frustrating. I am always sleepy and I could always use a nap. This is not normal. At least it should never be considered normal.

I have been to multiple primary care doctors, multiple times to figure out why the heck am I so tired. Every doctor in every state I have lived in all do the same thing. Run a bunch a labs. I give blood, they send it to the lab, the results come back normal. Medically there is no reason why I should be so tired. Thyroid check: normal. Vitamin D check: normal. B12: normal. Iron: normal for the most part. I do have the bottom range of iron levels, so I take a multi vitamin, and I guess I should be all better. I still have an unexplained sense of tiredness.

I have tried to change is my sleep habits, and actually go to sleep. Granted I am not the best sleeper, and my REM sleep is probably at a minimum. I hear everything when I am sleep and yes I still do have scary dreams.  Since sleep is important to keep a healthy mind-body balance I do try to get between 7-8 hours of sleep each night, even if it is not the best sleep. Going to bed at the same time, and waking up pretty much at the same time each day. Some mornings I even do have a greater burst of energy than others, yet I eventually end up the same, tired.

I hate being tired! It is actually more frustrating since I am back on the mainland. I work in an office all day. Since I no longer work from home I need at least 14-18 hours of productivity between work and everything else that I need to do during the day. I need to be mentally and physically present, which means I should not be tired. I have tried endlessly to fight fatigue with supplements consisting of vitamins, excessive amounts of  caffeine, and even GNC stimulants.  Nothing works anymore. I went back to the doctor, and luckily I am still healthy. So now I have decided to try a new route, I am changing up my diet, again. I am going to attempt a semi plant-based diet or vegan lite or just vegetarian, in an effort to raise my energy levels, and feel better overall.

So here’s the deal I work out already about 4-5 days a week. My workouts are a mix of cross fit, running, and bike riding. I have done the whole 30 diet in the past, which actually worked out really well, and I have tried paleo a few times, now my diet is more paleo modified, and not strict paleo. Although paleo, and whole 30 are good diets, I think its time to give up the meat for a while and see if my body feels any drastically different.

Where does this sudden lifestyle change come from? Well, good question. From Netflix of course! After watching What the Health on Netflix, it had me thinking twice about eating meat and dairy. I had read reviews that of course say that this documentary is vegan propaganda,  hey it very well  may be because everyone in the documentary is a vegan. So yes, always take all marketing techniques with a grain of salt. Everyone has their own agenda. However, it may save your life. Meats have added hormones, and most plants also have added hormones, pesticides, and whatever crap is on food. We live in a world of pick your poison, because not much is good for you. Unless you can grow or farm it yourself, then do that.  I just know that I don’t want to take a pill for energy, I think my body can naturally energize itself if I treat it right and give it the right tools.  Some people can take a ton of time to take care of their car, hair, pets, and hobby collection, I figure why not take some time to take care of my body.

So today I am starting my journey to a semi plant based lifestyle. Yes I really did say semi planted based. Let’s call it a vegetarian/vegan mix. Why? Because I have not decided if I will give up eggs just yet. And I may actually include eggs into this diet at times. I am fine without milk, well because I don’t drink dairy milk anyway.  And this diet may not be a forever thing, lets just start with a 30 vegan challenge and see how that goes.

My Goals:

Weight loss: I would like to be able to lose weight, some weight, 15-20 lbs would be nice. iI hope weight loss is a benefit of going meatless.

Endurance: I am running the rock and roll half marathon in Philadelphia on September 17, 2017.  I have the next 60 days to get my body in shape for a new PR. My former half marathon PR is 2:08 and that is from my very first half that I ran in Honolulu 4 years ago.  If I can beat that time, then this plant based lifestyle may be a keeper!

Increased strength: I do cross fit, I cannot do a pull up.  I want to be able to do at least 1 pull up, If I can do 10…Awesome!

Energy, Energy, Energy!! I just want to not feel the need to take a nap every day.

My Weaknesses:

Sugar!!!! Yes I love cookies, and candy. I am addicted to sugar. Candy just makes me happy. I am giving up cookies and candy 😦

So here is your opportunity to follow me on this journey to a new paradise that is filled with health, energy, and food! I will write about what I eat, my workouts, and how it feels to have meatless meals. You will hold me accountable, thank you! Steak is good, but the thought of feeling less bloated, less groggy, and feeling great, makes me so much happier than eating steak.

Lets get ready, Day 1.

What I ate today:

Breakfast: Kale, banana, strawberry, mango smoothie

After workout snack: Apple

Lunch: Angel hair pasta, with basil pesto sauce (not vegan), with mushrooms, peppers, onions and spinach. On the side: Wheat flour wrap with garlic roasted hummus and olive tapenade.

Snack: Handful of blueberries

Dinner: Stir fry vegetable mix (eggplant, onions, baby corn, snow peas, broccoli, peppers) over brown rice.


Cross fit WOD:

5×1 front squat and 95% of 1 rep max- I did 135

3 rounds for time: 15 calorie on assault bike, empty prowler push 100m