Once Again Its Valentine’s Day (Don’t worry it only lasts 24 hours)

It’s that time of year again. The day of Love. Valentine’s Day. Again, I will never understand the concept of the day because when I love someone, I hope that I do love them everyday and not just because society tells me to love them specifically on February 14th. Yet, since I am a sucker for romance and a sappy chick flick, I must admit that I do love the feelings and atmosphere that surround February 14th. It is always nice to see an overabundance of diamonds, flowers, and chocolate in lovely heart shaped boxes.

I used to think that Valentine’s Day was a girl holiday (a large part of me still does). Seriously I thought men hated the whole concept of the day. My take was that men who had a significant other would go through the motions and slowly wait in misery for the day to be over. I have never known a man who was genuinely excited about Valentine’s Day. Then I met my ex. He told me that men celebrated Valentine’s Day too, and men should be given gifts just like gifts are given to women. I was perplexed. Huh? All this time I was thinking that Valentine’s Day was a girl holiday. Girls get roses, teddy bears and diamond rings. The Kay jewelers and Hallmark commercials taught me that men present women with gifts on Valentines day, so obviously that was the way the day went down. I always had expected a small gift from the man I was dating at the time, and as for them, umm lets just say I didn’t know what to get them because Valentine’s Day is a girl holiday!

The first Valentines day I celebrated with my ex was simple, well we weren’t actually in an exclusive relationship at the time, so I didn’t expect a gift. He did take me out so that was a nice dating celebration for the day. The next year that damn Valentine’s Day rolled around again, and since we were far and long into an exclusive relationship I guess I had to give him a gift. Although, in my head Valentine’s Day was still a girl day, and I felt like I was being bamboozled. For the sake of genuine happiness in the relationship I caved. Honestly I can’t remember what it was that I got him, I know it wasn’t expensive though, it was small something to say I love you. I could have done that on any given day of any month, however Hallmark told me it was Valentine’s Day so celebrate.

For people in a relationship who are low on a budget, Valentines Day can be an added expense. We just celebrated Christmas less than two months ago. With the blink of an eye, six short weeks into the new year then bam! Another gift giving day. Because of that I feel Valentine’s Day gifts should be small, simple gestures just to say I love you. A large, expensive, materialistic, gift is not always needed. Everyday words and actions that say “I love you” mean so much more than a gift on Valentine’s Day. And that both men and women can reciprocate.

So that ex boyfriend of mine that somehow convinced me that Valentine’s Day was not only a girl day, but a guy day too, well obviously he is an ex for a reason. No it is not just because he expected gifts on Valentine’s Day (even though that would be a funny reason for a woman to break it off with a man). But, we were able to come to a mutual agreement when it came to Valentine’s Day. We were able to do things to make each other feel special, to celebrate love not only February 14, but every day before and after it. It wasn’t about the dollar amount that went into the gift, but the love that would last when the flowers died, after I ate all the chocolate, and after I lost whatever piece of jewelry he would eventually give me. My favorite gift was the one that probably cost him the least amount of money. A CD of original songs that he recorded just for me. The price: the amount of one blank CD.

Valentine’s Day is a  lovely over publicized day. However, since romance is in the air go with it. If that cupid guy shoots you and you feel overjoyed with emotions of love, spread that love. No one should be overly stressed, sad, or increasingly depressed on Valentine’s Day, after all it is just another day. Show love every day, be creative with love, go against the norms and come straight from your heart. By showing the simplest amount of love, in the simplest way, you will defiantly earn the greatest results.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now can someone tell me the truth, Do men really expect gifts on Valentine’s Day or is it a girl holiday?

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The loss of a music icon: We will miss you Whitney

The music world has truly lost a legend. Whitney Houston was an icon, a visionary, an inspiration. Her soulful sounds set the bar in musical history, left to be unmatched. With the voice of an angel, her songs will continue to last through the decades, a true artist. She will be missed. Gone too soon, it is hard to believe that Whitney Houston has died at the young age of 48.

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The world  is not ready for the music to stop. Many were waiting for the great Whitney comeback tour that proved she too could overcome her trials and tribulations of the past. Much speculation has been talked about how she died, most people believing that her drug use eventually claimed her life. I would hate to believe that as true. Although it may take weeks or months until we truly know how Whitney really died, we know there is a cloud that has been placed over the music industry. At the Grammy’s tribute was paid to her memory, a marathon of her songs played on the radio, and currently her greatest hits album is at the top of iTunes. The impact of her death will continue to be felt for years to come.

Whitney was not perfect, she was not without faults, she was human. None of us are perfect, we are all guilty of bad decisions, wrong choices, and a plethora of mistakes. Whitney struggled with addiction. An addiction that she may have paid for with her life. In my job I work with many clients who suffer from drug addiction. It is never easy. Relapse is often inevitable. Intentions to quit may seem real, but the follow through is poor. It is a long tough road. I can only imagine what it is like to be a celebrity who is struggling with  drug addiction. Access is easy, the money is not a problem, the people are there, everything points you in the direction to use. Your biggest asset  becomes your own will power to say no, to want better for yourself, to not allow yourself to enter that road. Good luck. The temptation is great.  Whitney’s struggle was public, embarrassing at times to watch, we hoped, we prayed, we wanted to see her do better.

A legend has left this earth. A concert will be had in heaven. To her family I send out prayers and condolences. I pray that her daughter will find peace, to suddenly lose a parent at such a young age is a devastating experience. I remember my high school history teacher once saying;  in ancient history it was believed that some people were given a choice before they were born, they could choose to either live a long drawn out and boring life, or an entertaining life that will be great, but short. Whitney’s life has been cut short, but she surly hit a point where she was the pinnacle of greatness. She was given a life, and she lived it. Whitney Houston, you will be missed.

RIP Whitney  (August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012)

Whitney Houston   -   Concert in Central Park ...
Whitney Houston - Concert in Central Park / Good Morning America 2009 (Photo credit: asterix611)