Just call it free love!

Disclaimer: This post is straight to the point, raw, and hardcore. Beware!

Here is somewhat of a funny story for you:

While Chris Rock and Nia long were doing interviews promoting the movie “Good Hair”, they both revealed that they went on a date a few years earlier. After the date Chris Rock apparently gave Nia the wrong number, leaving Nia Long to wonder why he would do that. Chris Rock then discussed in his interview, while they were having dinner he asked Nia if she was seeing anyone. Her response was “no I’m not dating anyone, but I know where to get dick when I need it”.

Now personally I thought that was a truly hilarious statement. However, Chris admitted he was turned off by Nia’s honesty on her dating life, and had no desire to continue seeing her, which in turn lead to him giving her the wrong number at the end of the night. Now what is wrong with a girl being honest about her sex life, yeah she may be single, but it doesn’t mean she is having 24/7 fun with a vibrator to keep her needs met.

This is one for all the guys, being a single girl does not mean void from sex. I think I have finally caught on to this dating game, and hey I may be starting to like it. No not because if I really wanted to I could have sex with a different guy each night, but because there may be some fun to it after all. So now I figure, hey if I am gonna be on my single girl swag, I am gonna milk it for all its worth! I am understanding why guys say now girls are like handcuffs (and may suffer from that Tiger Woods syndrome), why just be stuck with just one guy when I can just turn around and there will be another man who is ready to step in. Ok I know, some guys just want to have sex, yeah they don’t last too long, and some guys actually want to get to know me for all my great qualities, these guys get a real shot. So my thinking is why not let him take me out. And yes I mean take me out! I  refuse to pay for a man to be in my presence (ladies DO NOT pay for a first date!), so yes he will take me out, and it better be a date with some effort or else NEXT!

As I date different guys some of them I may want to have sex with, and some maybe not so much. But when I do want to have sex, I always  know where I can go to get it. I think every girl has that one guy around who she can just call to have sex when needed. He is her JUSTIN, just in case she needs get some!  It doesn’t mean that you want to marry him, or even date him for that matter, it just means he is good in bed. Men take notes, because I believe that a man does not think a girl can have sex just to purely have sex and not get attached to him. New flash men, sometimes girls don’t even want you to spend the night and wish that you would just go home!  When I talk to some of my male friends about dating, they say “oh so your getting some dick”. Ummmm it’s really not hard to get. But is it really hard to believe that a man wants to take you out because he actually is attracted to you personality, and not what is under your clothes.  Ladies if you want to have sex, believe me there is a man who is not going to turn you down! I am yet to meet a single man who will say no I don’t want to have sex with you. So being single is no reason to be utterly horny and miserable. Actually if you are single you can probably get more sex than a woman in a  committed relationship.

So single girls take note: be single, be free, be careful, use protection, have fun, let yourself go,  and don’t be afraid to say, yeah I may be single, but I know where to get dick when I need it!  🙂

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